2 CNC controlled axis

The machine is composed by 3 units:

1-Manual bar loading unit

Gripper to clamp the profile and has provision for manual adjustment:

Vertically from 0 to 200 mm

Horizontally from 0 to 200 mm

Length of the rollers 600mm

Possibility to upload profiles by forklift

Capable of moving a weight of 25 kg per meter

Variable feed speed of the pusher from 1 to 30 mt / 1 ‘with 1 KW motor

Maximum loadable profile lenghth 7000mm

2-Cutting unit

Automatic raising of the blade

Three-phase motor power 7,5 KW

Blade elevation on ball-bearing guides and runners

Hydro-pneumatic blade feeding

Electronic pivoting inwards/outwards head from 20° right to 20° left with brushless motor

Nr.2 adjustable pneumatic vertical clamps with low-pressure device

Nr.2 adjustable pneumatic horizontal clamps with low-pressure device

Automatic closing and opening carter protection of the cutting area

Micro-mist oil toll lubrication

The starting of the blade takes place via an inverter, which allows the number of rotation turns to be adjusted

Adjustable blade feed speed

3-Manual unloding and storage unit

Maximum unloding profile 4000 mm

Touch Screen PC electronic control panel TFT 17”

Windows 10 system Possibility to program:

a) Blade inclination

b) Pusher feed speed

c) Cutting list

Perimetral protection OPTIONALS

We reserve the right to make modifications.

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